Roots Living Art Design

About Roots

Roots Living Art Design is a landscape; garden, and home design company. Our roots are planted firmly in bringing style, comfort, and unique living art to any space with the earth and our clients in mind. We strive to create beauty out of salvaged materials and earth friendly products specializing in succulents and native coastal California plants. We believe in using the natural and architectural elements at each site to drive the form and flow of the living art throughout the site, and evoke a feeling when you enter the space.

The philosophy of Roots is to be as green as possible, up cycle, and to conserve precious water resources through the use of drought tolerant plants while creating living art in amazing inspiring spaces.

Missy Kanter

Native Southern California surfer Missy Kanter is the artistic mind that drives Roots. Missy graduated from California State University Long Beach with a degree in Biology and emphasis in Science Education. Missy has strong background in fine art and design and has been a featured artist in the surf community for the past ten years. “Growing up in a family of environmentalists, surfers, and artists, I formed deep respect for the earth and it’s gifts. For me creating living art is a natural marriage of my beliefs that nature gives us everything we need to create sustainable beauty while also being able to think outside the box.”

This San Clemente based company was formed by the marriage of Missy’s Biology and art backgrounds in October of 2011. Missy is currently working towards her Masters in Landscape Architecture in order help Roots grow and flourish for the future.